If you are a long-time video game player, you must have heard of League of Legends at some point in your life. LOL can be regarded as the most famous work of Riot Games company. It’s one of the pioneer Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games in the market and one of the most popular ones, as evidenced by the 100 million player base this game has attained with constant updates and refreshes to revamp the game mechanics and overall experience.

There are currently 168 Champions available in the game. Many players have their best champion in League of Legends, with the latest addition being Smolder, but not all of them a

e available firsthand. You will need to have RP to unlock champions, or a new LoL champion, and our store provides cheap League RP that can help you unlock all of the champions present within the game. With that being said, let us dive head first into the status and usage of each Champion that you will use in-game.

Categorization of the Champions

The Champions of the game League of Legends can be divided into six main categories; the first is known as Bruisers, followed by Assassins, with Mages, Marksmen, and Tanks coming in next. Lastly, Support forms the final category of the Champions.

Bruisers, which are also known as Fighters, offer the best combination of damage and survivability, and there are 70 of them in total. The Assassins, as their name implies, are special units that are tasked with eradicating the enemy teams’ strongest carry or threat with 42 of them being present in the roster.

Mages utilize their spell set to amplify and deliver damage to surrounding enemies, with 62 of them in total. In the next category comes Marksmen, which are the most important team composition in the LoL worlds. They are units with massive damage potential and deal damage from a distance. The downside to the Marksmen is that they are very easy to take down.

If you are looking for a Champion with astounding health and defense stats and great crowd-controlling abilities that can protect your allies from enemy attacks or pin down an enemy carry, then the Tank class is for you. With the recent addition of K’Sante, there are 45 Tank Champions present in the League roster.

Lastly, let us not forget about the Support Class of Champions, which provides healing or shielding to allies and sometimes grants them extra damage bonuses as well. They are usually squishy, just like the Marksmen Class of Champions, but they have their own set of powerful tools to protect themselves and their team. There are 36 Support Champions present in the League roster.


This is the basic summary of what the League Champions are, their categories, and how to use them in their own proper way. One thing that I forgot to mention is that most of these Champions belong to more than one class instead of being restricted to just one class.

Millio, a recent addition to the League roster and a new League of Legends Champion, is considered both a Mage and a Support Class Champion.

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